Little Parties Podcast One

i am a day late with this but here it is! the little parties podcast! i started little parties two months ago just a little over a year after starting peacock & co. having a shop is a dream come true but i have also missed djing! as i speak briefly about here on the podcast, i wanted to start little parties as a new dj collective and podcast to serve as a forum for music, collaboration and hopefully some dancing! 

this podcast is dedicated to the music of robin hannibal.

before the album kort far dine laber by danish music collective boom clap bachelors came out, i would listen to the only released song at the time hvor vi henne over and over again and when the album finally released, the freshly mixed version of  hvor vi henne brought me to tears. the beginning is so beautiful and melodic. i sometimes sing along and use english words to substitute the danish words. my version never makes a lick of sense of course! i totally fell in love not only with boom clap bachelors but also with robin hannibal and coco O who later became quadron.

i opened this podcast set with hvor vi henne because i used to open a lot of my sets with it and it is probably one of my all time favorite songs. 

songs in this set:

hvor vi henne - boom clap bachelors

amends - robin hanninbal

lonnie's secret - owusu & hannibal

pressure (anti muller dubby remix) - quadron

forar til dec - boom clap bachelors 

the fall - rhye

i'm trying - milosh

tiden flyver - boom clap bachelors (do you recognize what song this is sampled on? here's a hint: it is a kendrick lamar song) 

hope you like it! 

keep dancing,