Little Parties Podcast 2 with Guest DJ Kimberly - Owner, Anneise

get ready for a giggle fest! it actually made for a pleasant afternoon when i met up with kimberly to record over a cold beer on a very hot day. kimberly is my shop-mate, or as i like to call her, my shop-sister. 

kimberly and i connected over our passion for music. we later discovered just how much more we had in common. i met kimberly around 4 years ago while shopping in her store, anneise. at the time i was solely djing and we started doing events together shortly there after. after a few years of collaborating on local events and having what seemed to be a constant brainstorm session about how to bring our ideas together to do something really special and fresh in our community (our lists are so long at this point), it all eventually manifested into us co-locating in the shop that we now share. this whole experience with the shop strongly makes me believe just how much your energy can lead you to where you are supposed to be. collaboration is gold. 

kimberly's music selection is a nod to the world of sampling. each song in this set has been sampled on some of her favorite songs. 

***after recording the podcast, kimberly instantly remembered what song she was referring to that her dad showed her which was stevie wonder's pastime paradise. 

songs in this set: 

that's all right with me - esther phillips (sampled on give up the goods (just step) by mobb deep)

kitty with the bent frame - quincy jones

take me with you - lyn christopher (sampled on favorite rap stars by havoc)

go on and cry - les mcmann (sampled on VII by Cormega)

and that's saying a lot - christine mcvie (for some reason this recording took out the drums. look it up and listen to the original recording. it's such a good song! sampled on fly with me by havoc)

get out of my life woman - lee dorsey (sampled on u da man by black moon)

it's a new day - skull snaps (also sampled on give up the goods (just step) by mobb deep) 

and don't forget the special shout out by kimberly to the biebs! 

i am still learning a lot here as i go on the podcast so thank you for your patience! 


keep dancing,