What have I learned in three years? 

I went into this business obsessing, overthinking, not leading with action and dwelling. When will things start happening for me? Why don't I have 20k followers on Instagram? Why am I always broke? Maybe I should go back to my corporate job...

Early last year I was at the Downtown Flower Market when I got the call "We found cancer". I broke down and cried, got myself together and proceeded to buy what I needed. That was when I knew. I knew that I had a business to run, who was going to run it if I didn't? Something changed in me at that very moment. The actual business suddenly meant so much more to me. If this is the final thing I do in my life I want it to be great, I want it to be memorable.  My inner dialogue changed from "Why don't I have 20k followers?" to "Work your fucking ass off and stop being a victim." I immediately started saying yes to every opportunity. A fire awoke and what followed was the year I worked the hardest I have ever worked in my life. 

I spent the year popping up everywhere possible, adding ideas and services to my brand, putting plants in homes just because people asked me if I would, I wanted to explore it all and that's exactly what I did. 

I still don't know if my business saved my life or if getting cancer saved my business. One thing is for certain, I needed to change my attitude and shift the hell out of my focus. It is absolutely not about having a lot of followers or about some other brand with a lot of followers validating yours. I really had to ask myself why I am doing this. In the end, I want to have a solid, profitable and inspiring brand. It is business, not a popularity contest. 

This year I have focused on being present in my store and really getting the business side down. I am still learning everyday. There are great days and there are bad days. Roll with it, always be passionate, surround yourself with genuine people, focus on yourself & your vision, and work hard. 

I am grateful.